Why our new year’s resolution doesn’t work?

Read / Saturday, January 6th, 2018


Before the Holidays we love to make plans. Not only about how to spend The Night, but also, we like to plan how the coming year is going to pass, how good it will be for us, and how much better we are going to become starting January 1st.

Unfortunately, sometimes our plans do not come to life. All of us have obstacles that are out of our control, but I don’t want to talk about them.

It may be the case that, new year’s resolution goes strictly to garbage, only because we could not find enough courage to do everything that we planned. I think, from the very beginning we do not believe in ourselves, and do not think that we can achieve anything from the list.

I would call it the lack of self-esteem.

What is self-esteem? where to find it? how to eat it?

From my experience, self-esteem is not something that is given to you with a new dress, with a new job, not even with your very special new master’s diploma (trust me).

But not everything is so sad. Self-esteem is something everyone can train.

1. First of all, a person who believes in himself must love himself. Love yourself, invest in yourself, spoil yourself. If you will not do it, no one around you would actually want to do it as well. Love to yourself is a philosophy, that someday everyone should discover. Start small, step by step. From spending 15 minutes by yourself enjoying your favorite book and a cup of hot chocolate, to a purchase of a business course about how to run a bookstore (for example).

2. Year after year, you have a mystery line in your resolution: “start doing sports”, but you never actually do (that’s so me, honestly). I know some of our wishes sound good on a paper, but actually starting doing them is not easy as it seemed.

So the second important thing in increasing your confidence level is not giving up.Take tiny steps, but follow your direction. You want to have a new job, but not sure if you are good enough? Start small: refresh your CV. You want to start going to the gym? Start from walking small distances, buying sports clothes (it has a power of lifting self-esteem;). My point here is, little by little start getting out of your comfort zone. Do something new every day that will bring you to where you want to be.

3. Psychologists say that in order to be successful, you should act like you already are. This works for our purpose too. Start acting as a person with a high self-confidence:

-feel confident (even if it is not a natural feeling yet, soon it will be),

-start saying “no” to things you don’t like,

– spend more time doing what you like,

– don’t let other people offend you.

We are who we are. Remember it, and achieve everything you have listed in your Resolution.

As for me, I can already put a mark “done” in front the first line of my New Year’s resolution after I press “publish”!

How do you achieve your goals? What works best for you? Share)))

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