Welcome SPRING the right way. To do list

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Summing up my February, I can say that this was the month of a fresh start.

As you might know from HERE In February I’ve started working in a new place. 1 month passed, I still love that place! Though, it takes more of my time to get there. But in my experience, it is better than having a job by your house that you hate.

Also, I have started an online course, which I was literally dreaming about. It was on my resolution list, but just for fun. I actually never seriously thought of starting it. I thought it is too much for me, too expensive. However, when the life throws you an opportunity, you should just take it! Without asking why and how you will pay back.

2018 has just started, and there is so much more to do to become better than You were yesterday. Time to make a new list! Who is with me?

Get ready for spring To Do list

Well, I am done with winter! I mean it. Last days of February in Moscow were extremely cold, and they keep going like that in March. And for a minute, March counts as the beginning of spring in Russia. So, I am desperately trying to feel the spring.

Spring is the time when nature comes back to life so fresh and so bright. We are creatures of nature too!

The first and most common spring activity is DECLUTTERING.

Lately, I hear this word so often. It became so popular to declutter your homes from old staff: no more basements (in Russian case: balconies) full of old and dusty junk. I actually love this tendency: cleaning up shelves and creating free space and freshness is cool.

Where to start?

  • First, declutter your home: it always works best when you throw out old and dirty pillows, old bed sheets and curtains, broken dishes, burned candles, old magazines and so on and so forth…

  • The same we can do to our wardrobes. Prepare some space for new and super cool summer items. Follow 3 simple rules:
  1. DONATE: If you haven’t worn this cloth item for more than 1 year;
  2. GET RID OF IT: if it has lost its shape/color/fresh look;
  3. EMPTY YOUR SHELVES: we all have clothes that we keep for memories or for special occasions. Put them away from your wardrobe: it will save you some space, will keep you organized, and will help you to avoid that “full wardrobe – nothing to wear” situations, that we all hate.

  • Declutter your body. Well, since all the holidays have passed, it’s time to think twice, before eating the 3rd donut in a raw. No need to make yourself suffer following harsh diets and cutting everything you like. Just add some more vegetables and fruits. In spring, our bodies are craving for extra vitamins.

2. The second greatest thing to do in spring is to REFRESH.

  • There are so many ways to refresh your home easy and budget-friendly.
  1. First, what comes to my mind is to change curtains for lighter and brighter ones. It will bring more light into the room and add some color.
  2. The braver ones may paint room walls into a different color (that’s what I call Total Spring Refreshing).
  3. Another simple way to greet spring is to add some plants and flowers to your home decor ( aren’t succulents just awesome? Love their cold green color).

  •         Refresh your look. Spring is the time when everybody wants changes. Then why to stop it? Be brave enough to change your hairstyle or your total look! A safer way is to at least add some colors to your wardrobe. Make your style match your mood. Also, bright colors help to become more optimistic. Get more ideas from the color setter of the world, especially when the new trend color is so wonderful!


3. Time to ENERGIZE

In order to be ready for the new beginning, we need to stay active. Changes will require more energy, thus, maybe it is better to get prepared. What I think will work best:

  • Turning to a healthier diet. I’ve already mentioned about adding fresh fruits and vegetables into a daily meal plan. Why stop? Let’s go further! Don’t be afraid to cut on sugar and unhealthy snacks, and to drink more water.
  • The weather in spring should be getting better and better day after day. Missing those sunny moments while sitting in the office all day is not a good idea. If you have a chance, go for a walk on your lunchtime to have more fresh air and to listen how birds sing in spring; or take a walk while you go home.
  • New spring – new you, right?! Give up on your bad habits and create new positive ones. Like reading a book a month, walking 10000 steps a day, going to sport twice a week, etc.

Spring time is wonderful! I like how it gives us a hope for new changes and how it makes us want to change. Welcome your spring the right way, get ready!

Do you have your own special spring ritual? Share with us!



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