Valentine-shmalentine or 10 ways to ease the torture of Valentine’s Day fever.

Celebrate, Read / Sunday, February 4th, 2018

Ah… It is that time of the year again when half of the people you know start talking about stupid-pinky-hearty things non-stop, and the other half start whining about being single. What a nice time.

Don’t you agree?

I am just kidding.  Aren’t you also tired of seeing those uncountable Valentine’s Day’s ads, gift guide blog posts, red cards and ass-shaped red balloons? Well, I am. St. Valentine’s day is a very good holiday, I am not against it. It’s a perfect time to remember your second half and give him/her a present or spend a night together in a restaurant (in case if you forget about your partner for the rest of the year).

However, there are single people, for whom this day is like a torture. This year, I’ve decided to support singles and created my list of things that I would do or buy for a better mood.

10 ways to ease the torture of Valentine’s Day fever.

1. Number one tip that I would do being single on a VD is to avoid crowded places. On the day X all restaurants, bars, cafes, streets, shopping malls and other public areas will turn into a habitat for couples. Try to stay away from these places for the sake of your mental health. I think bookstores and sports bars can be pretty safe, but I am not sure.

2. Go hit the gym on the day X. Making sports is the best way to run away from depressive thoughts (if you have any) and to maintain your body in shape. I believe that most gyms will be less crowded, which gives a chance to have a full training without the need to wait in the queue for any sports equipment.

3. Tip number 3 is to get ready for the day X (or evening X) beforehand. Prepare snacks and drinks the day before. You don’t want to suddenly meet your neighbor with a new lover in a wine section of a local supermarket, do you?

4. It is very important not to stay alone during this not easy day. Get together with your single friends or simply with a like-minded person to survive the night. Do not open tv, it might be depressive. Better to watch some old anti-VD movies, Star Wars are just great for this purpose I think.

5. On this important day, don’t forget to treat yourself with little gifts. These t-shirts are just awesome. I love that they are so different from everything else you see in shops nowadays. Find any size for him and for her.

6. Being alone on a Valentine’s Day is not a big deal actually. Think why you feel depressed (if you ever do). Does it really worth it to ruin a wonderful day just because someone said that this day is for couples? VD is a great season for all cards, chocolate, and flowers sellers, that’s all. Treat yourself with some chocolate, we also celebrate love! The biggest love and appreciation of ourselves.

7. I am more than sure, that there are people that love you (me, the neighbor). St. Valentine’s Day is a great chance to remind those people that we love them. Go on, call your dearest friend, who moved far away, make a call to your parents, your sister, or get together for a family dinner (I always congratulate everyone around me).

8. Help your friend to prepare a Valentine’s Day surprise for his/her partner. It’s a great way to feel the spirit of love and make happy 2 more people. Isn’t that great? Share your love. And one day, your friend may help you too.

9. Accept an invitation from someone who is looking for your attention for a long time. Maybe you’ve friendzoned someone you didn’t even realize?

10. If you have feelings for someone, open up! Valentine’s Day is the best day to do it. It may be the start of your new life. Just believe in yourself.

I hope these tips will be helpful and inspiring. Happy coming Valentine’s Day! Share your love (share my post too)) and be happy!

Do you have your best Valentine’s Day story? Share with us below.

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