Things I’ve learned after 3 months of blogging

Create, Your Blog / Sunday, March 18th, 2018

Hello everyone! I am glad to see you here.

There is so much information about How to start a blog from experienced bloggers. But I think, after years of blogging they might have forgotten some points that they struggled with at the very beginning.

I am a “freshman” in blogging so I can make a fresh list of what is expecting a writer if he decides to start blogging.

1.If you think of blogging, as of the way to get rich super fast, then you are wrong. Blogging is not a gold mine. It is more like an investment. Some investments bring cashback years later (trust me I’m an economist). I know, there are thousands of articles telling how Susan or Ann earned their 1000$ blogging in 1 month. Please, don’t be so naive. They worked hard for many months to start earning like that.

2. Blogging is a hard work. In order to become famous and find your fans faster, you should have a good content. People are less likely to want to know what you had for breakfast (unless it is vegan or gluten-free), but more likely to read about a topic that will help them solve their problem. Every time I think about a new post (and it takes me days sometimes) I try to make each one of them useful. With my posts, I want to inspire people. I check all the information twice because I feel responsible for giving pieces of advice or tips.

3. And we came to the third important part of blogging. In order to be a trustworthy writer, your content must be based on your experience, or it should be supported by some facts (to my mind). If you are not a certified doctor, please don’t give people health advises from your head. Support your point of view with viable resources.

4. Make research for your blog posts. I like to write about self-esteem and believing in yourself. And I am not a professional psychologist. But before I write a single word about it, I whether try it on myself, or the information comes from books that I have read on the subject.

5. I’ve read many articles and listened to professional podcasts about starting a blog. I found that successful bloggers post in certain periods of time. I mean you shouldn’t be making 2 months break between posts just because you were on a vacation, or because you had your finals. Blogging doesn’t work that way. At least not at the beginning of your journey. And I work hard to stick to my timetable (I blog once a weak). It is good if you have a million of ideas, but if you don’t, then get ready to work. Blogging is a hard work (see paragraph 2). And sometimes I struggle with that. But it’s ok.

6. If you start your blog on a personal website then you should be understanding the IT stuff at least a little. Running a blog on WordPress is super easy and entertaining. You have a chance to create your own unique looking website using free themes. However, even such an easy website creating tool can be a little tricky for a beginner. Don’t get scared! Plug-ins are intuitive easy. You can find a step-by-step guide for everything you want to do. I am still learning myself, but I would never change it to something else.

7. It is ok to make one step at a time. Learning by doing. As we say in Russia: Moscow has not been built in one day. In order to make something great, you should spend time on it. Read other bloggers. The most successful of them will most probably say that it is their 8th, 6th, or even 10th year of blogging. So don’t give up, get some experience, make mistakes.

8. Don’t give up! And we came to my favorite part. Being a blogger means being ready to face the world. For some of us, it is not easy to hit the “Publish” button and share your post with other people. The reason is that we are afraid to be not “good enough” for readers, not perfect.. (please stop).  None of a blogger is perfect, but according to my experience most of them are very friendly and are happy to share their knowledge.

If you dig into this subject, you will see that many of them had the same feelings at the beginning. All you need is to believe in what you are doing. If blogging is really your true love (since some time I hate word passion), and if you believe in yourself and in your mission then you will be able to start, grow, and bloom as a successful blogger.

Being a blogger is challenging. Only strong people can handle it. And I wish each one of us to be successful!

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  1. Totally agreed with you, Elina! It’s a lifelong learning journey, it’s definitely not for everyone. People will quit once they don’t see the result. Keep going 🙂

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