How to achieve a life balance in chaos?

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How to achieve a life balance and not go crazy when your life turns upside down? Everybody has a different opinion on how a normal life looks like. For some of you, it is your 9 to 5 work and weekends with your kids. For others, it may be a “dance all night sleep all […]

November 12, 2018

20 pieces minimalist spring capsule

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April In the middle of spring, most of us feel the need in refreshing. Refreshing your home, your wardrobe, deep cleaning, and shopping. All of these works are so much fun if you are in a good mood. My favorite is wardrobe cleaning. Women tend to have a bunch of clothes but love to whine […]

April 18, 2018

HOW TO Enjoy the process of life

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Modern life runs too fast. We have to be fast enough to be in time everywhere. Sometimes we even can’t remember how to relax. Even on our vacations, and on our free days we make a list of all the things that should be done. I am kind of a person who can’t stay still. […]

March 12, 2018

Welcome SPRING the right way. To do list

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Summing up my February, I can say that this was the month of a fresh start. As you might know from HERE In February I’ve started working in a new place. 1 month passed, I still love that place! Though, it takes more of my time to get there. But in my experience, it is better […]

March 4, 2018

10 habits of strong people


When we hear “strong people”  we imagine a person with huge muscles who can bend an iron. Maybe they go to the gym to get stronger, maybe they work as a firefighter. They are not afraid of any obstacles, they climb mountains.  No doubt, it is a picture of a physically strong person, but I […]

February 11, 2018

Best tips to survive a night at the airport!


Do you like to plan your next vacation for months or you just grab your bag and buy a ticket for the first suitable flight? I am more like the second kind of people (forced to be by obstacles). Don’t get me wrong, I like making plans, saving dates, looking for better prices, and packing […]

January 20, 2018

Everyday time-saving hacks


Holidays are over and it’s time to work hard, as we promised ourselves at the end of the last year. I would be very happy to write a post about how I solved time management and how I became more productive. I would really want to write it, but I can’t. Time management is still a big problem […]

January 7, 2018