No more wrong decisions!

Read / Sunday, April 1st, 2018

Every day our brain deals with hundred thousands of decisions. What color socks to wear, what to eat for breakfast, drink black tea or green tea, answer this call or ignore it, text my ex or not?

You might think that these are not actually are decisions, but something natural. Believe me, your brain makes a hard work to chose a color of your socks for today.

Besides your everyday decisions, sometimes you have to deal with very serious ones. For example, deciding on where to spend your holidays, what color dress to buy (oh yeah, that’s an important one), which field to study. And decisions on these questions don’t come so natural as you would it like to be. So how to do the right decision?

I want to share with you simple tricks, that will help make right decisions fast.

How can you help yourself to make only right decisions?

There is no correct answer for making a right decision for everyone. You should decide only for yourself. But there is a chance to make this process easier for you and avoid mistakes.

No more wrong decisions.

The thing is, your brain can be trained as any other muscle in your body.

Let’s start with a simple example.

How many times did you blame yourself for buying another cloth on sale that doesn’t match any single piece of your whole wardrobe? Yes, all that discounts make you feel that if you don’t buy it right now, you will miss something very important.

No more wrong decisions! Learn how to train yourself to chose right way fast.

Always remember that it is a trick that your brain can’t read properly.

#1. When you buy something like that (or make any other similar decision), you do it only because you follow your emotions.  Everybody gets in stress when has to make a serious decision in a short period of time. That is when you see: only today! Last day of sale! Don’t miss your chance!

In order to avoid situations like that, and minimize the consequences of spending money on a useless thing take these 3 simple steps:

  1. Take a pause to calm down and take a deep breath.
  2. Go eat a snack or drink some water.
  3. Take a moment to think if you really need this cloth, or are you really willing to make a decision like that.

Taking a break gives you extra time for thinking about what you should decide on without a stress.

#2. Sometimes we make stupid decisions when we are sad, hungry, or sick.

When you had a bad day at work, or you had a fight with your friend, the last thing what you want to do is to go to the gym or to follow your diet. Stressful situations affect your ability to make a right decision. If you don’t skip your training, it will pay you back with healthy body months and years later, but if you skip it, then you lose.

In order to avoid making a wrong decision, try not to make any important decision on these days.

When deciding on something important make sure you are:

  • full;
  • feeling well;
  • in a good mood.

#3. If you are in a situation when you have to make a decision, but you can’t say that you feel happy or full at the moment, then do this!

Remember the moment when you felt good, and ask yourself: “What would that happy and strong ME decide on this matter?”.  Take a look at the problem from the outside. How would you decide if you would feel better?

Sometimes, it is also good to listen to your inner voice. In stressful situations, you feel the right decision somehow from the inside. That is your inner voice. Don’t be afraid of following what it says, most of the times it is right.

In order to be ready for any stressful situation and be able to take a right decision fast, try to train yourself with these simple exercises.


1. Practice your brain on making right decisions by starting small.

It is easy.

When you are in a good mood, train yourself to eat only healthy snacks, for example. Everyday control will help you to create a habit and also to be more disciplined. By doing so, you teach your brain to eat healthily. Later, it will be easier for you to choose the right snack on a next craving.

This can be helpful in any other situation: controlling your timetable, avoiding stressful situations, planning your weekend the right way.

2. Imagine yourself 30 years older than you are now. Imagine you feel calm and happy. Feel it?

Then as a grown-up person with a huge life experience behind you look back to your past. Which decision you’ve made back then? How did it make you happy?

It always helps to think about how your decision will help you or destroy you years later.

Thinking about calling to your ex? What would that grown-up person tell you? Does he tell you that it is a waste of time or that it was the greatest love of your life?

The same applies to making a decision on spending money. Does the thing that you want to purchase now will make you happy 2 months later? 10 years later? Answer these questions honestly. In the end, it is your life that matters. Say, no more wrong decisions.


In everyday life, we deal with problems that we should make a decision on. The crucial thing is, to avoid a wrong decision.

Stress, time, and even bad mood are the factors that affect your ability to choose the right way. The good news is, you can make a right decision in any situation!

These simple tricks have already helped me. Try them too!

Please, share if you have any other helpful ways of avoiding wrong decisions.


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