My most popular posts in 2018.

Create, Lifestyle / Sunday, January 13th, 2019

It is time to sum up the results of work that has been done during the past year (or am I too late?)

Unfortunately, there were fewer posts than I have expected it to be. I wish I could work harder. I wish I could write more for you. However, sometimes life has other plans. I will try not to be so harsh on myself. Hey! It’s my first year, I am learning, and growing, and running my real life at the same time. Sometimes you need to choose your priorities (I have talked about it here).

Today is 2019, and I hope for so many things to happen and have so many ideas for new posts. I can’t wait to share many other useful lifehacks (if I discover any). But first, let’s take a moment to remember what people have found to be the most interesting in my previous posts.

I would like to use my chance and thank each one of you who had followed the link, read, and shared my posts! It really made me happy seeing that my blog lives! It gives me powers and motivation to continue! Thank YOU!

Most popular posts from 2018

You are lucky if this is the first post of mine that you see! It contains the list of my best posts. You don’t need to scroll older posts trying to find something worth reading, all links are right here! Take your cup of something that you love, and enjoy!

#1. The holiday season has come to its end. We had a wonderful time celebrating New Year, meeting our loved ones, traveling, resting, gaining weight, etc. Some of you start preparing for St.Vilentine’s day, while others start waiting for the new spring!

My post: Welcome spring the right way. To do list had become one of the first most popular ones. My spring preparation formula is as simple as:

  • Declutter
  • Refresh
  • Energize

And it includes ideas for almost everything: your wardrobe, your home, body care. Take a look and find useful ideas for yourself.

#2. I love traveling. I like going far places and discovering new countries and cultures whenever I have a chance. And I am very happy to share my experience with you. In my post Things, no one told me about traveling to Cuba I have made a list of valuable information for those who plan to visit such a wonderful country.

Of course, there are so many travel guides and apps that probably can tell you more. But are you sure you will be able to use them? I have downloaded so many guides, translators, and maps before my trip, however, I did not have a chance to use them. Why? You would know it if you read the post (tip #3).

#3. Life runs too fast. We have to be fast enough to be in time everywhere. Sometimes we can’t remember how to relax. Even on our vacations, and on our free days we make a list of all the things that should be done. I am kind of a person who can’t stay still. I always find something to do for myself. Sometimes it is overdoing and overthinking.

Especially for people like me, I created a list of advises to help you pause your marathon and enjoy the process of life itself. Find it in my post: HOW TO Enjoy the process of life

#4. Most of our problems come from inside. It is the lack of self-love and low self-esteem. And I will never be tired of talking about it. Modern life standards of success are very high and most of you are too harsh on yourselves for not achieving the life that you want, or achieving it too slow.

Lucky you, there is no need to read boring psychological articles about how to believe in yourself, because I have found the best movie of all times! Check my post “I feel pretty!” or the best movie about self-esteem.

Have you ever heard about this movie? I am pretty sure you have decided to skip it because of the pretty low IMDB rating. I agree, maybe it is not the masterpiece of modern cinematography, but it is definitely worth seeing. This movie has everything you need to know about self-esteem! I mean it!

#5. Hey, Ladies! Who doesn’t love fashion? I bet you do! My post 27 inspirational pictures for your perfect autumn style! got so many shares! Who cares if it’s autumn outfits? Follow the link and get inspired by colors, shapes, and prints of the top designer’s collections.

#6. And we have come to the last post from my top list. To my mind, it is even more valuable than the previous ones: How to achieve a life balance in chaos? 

Everybody has a different opinion on how a normal life looks like. For some of you, it is your 9 to 5 work and weekends with your kids. For others, it may be a “dance all night sleep all day” kinda’ life. But almost all of you have something in common. We have a life rhythm and a timetable that we get used to. All our efforts are done in order to achieve a life balance. However, it is not as easy as it might seem, especially when your routine life has been changed (what happens pretty often at the beginning of the year).

Read my post from the link, and find out how to stay sane when your life turns upside down.

Thank you for being with me for the whole year! Let’s start new 2019 and hope for it to be productive, happy, and full of joy!

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