“I feel pretty!” or the best movie about self-esteem?

Read / Sunday, July 22nd, 2018

“I am brave! I am blonde! I can handle this!”

I have already written a lot of posts about self-esteem and self-love. Every time I think there is nothing to add, I find something more. I think the question can never be answered completely.

Talking about self-esteem, reading and learning help to remind of how to value yourself. You can find many books, articles, and podcasts. But sometimes they are too boring. Lucky we, there is a new film called “I feel pretty” which is now my favorite. Here is why:

“I feel pretty!” or why should you watch this film?

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Have you ever heard about this movie? I am pretty sure you have decided to skip it because of pretty low IMDB rating. I agree, maybe it is not the masterpiece of modern cinematography, but it is definitely worth seeing. If you did miss it, then I think you should better spend some of your time on it.

This movie has everything you need to know about the self-esteem! I mean it!

(A little spoiler might be)

The movie is about a girl Renee. She has a pretty good job, working for a famous cosmetic brand. She has good friends, with whom she spends Friday nights. And she has a mountain-sized self-doubt. As many of us, she just wants to be beautiful, believing that beautiful girls are happier.

She believed that only pretty girls can reach a success. She thought that with the better appearance she will get everything she wants: a job of her dreams, build a career, and find love.

Suddenly, after some accident, she can’t recognize a girl looking at her from the mirror. She sees a beautiful, sexy girl with a perfect body. Finally! She got everything she needed to become a person she always wanted to be! And this is when her success story starts.

With the new look, or I’d better say, with the new way of thinking, Renee becomes so brave, so strong, so fabulous! There is nothing in the whole world that could make her feel uncomfortable: taking part in the bikini contest? – Done! Standing naked in the window? – Hell, yeah! Even I fell in love with her charisma.

Seeing in the mirror a beautiful woman gave Renee powers to achieve everything she wanted to. She could easily apply and the get the job of her dreams, she made just a random guy fall in love with her, and she won the love of millions of hearts. Now, this is the magic of self-confidence!

What can you learn from the movie?

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There are some things I want to draw your attention to in this movie.

#1 Everything is in your head, not in your appearance. The main heroine of the movie “I feel pretty” showed everyone that it is not about appearance. Without even recognizing it, Renee could achieve everything what she thought is only pretty girls can achieve. The most important thing is what kind of person you are. Don’t be afraid to show your personality.

#2 Overthinking is your enemy. When Renee found a boyfriend, she almost ruined all of their relationships by herself. She simply started thinking that she is not good enough for him, he deserves something better, and she is a disaster. This is called overthinking. Why do you even think for someone else? Let them make decisions by themselves. I once they have chosen to spend time with you, never doubt it, enjoy! (See my other post about the destructing power of overthinking here)

#3 If you want people to love you, you should love yourself first. Do I even need to continue here? Building social relationships is like looking into the mirror. A person who respects and appreciates himself will be more respected and appreciated by other people than the person who doesn’t. You shouldn’t expect your boss to notice you and reward for your work if you don’t reward yourself. If you don’t think that you have deserved it. Love yourself, and people will simply reflect it.

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#4 Everybody has a talent. No one wants to be an average, and I strongly agree with it. As Renee showed us, everybody has a talent, you just need to find a perfect place to show it. She was a general worker of the online department of a cosmetic brand. But how she sparkled when she changed her job positions. Also, Renee showed us some important thing: sometimes you need to sacrifice a little in order to achieve higher than you already have. She agreed to have a lower salary for a better job position.

#5 Fake it till you make it. Don’t wait till you will physically change, or you will change your status, or whatever it is you think needed to have a higher self-esteem. Just feel it. Feel your uniqueness, your beauty, your strength. You are one of a kind, and it is already enough to feel confident about yourself.

#6 Be strong. Self-confident people are strong people. Whatever it takes, they will achieve their goals. Renee had enough strength not to pay attention to other people’s thoughts about her, so should you! Not everyone has to be on your side, but you should be strong enough to deal with it (read what characteristics strong people have from here).


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“I feel pretty” Is the best modern film that every girl or woman should watch. Why? This is the first film that pays attention to the self-esteem and self-confidence problem.

Nowadays, there are so many rules and prejudices of how a successful woman should look, how she should dress, or talk. We look at magazine covers, runway shows, tv series and form a wrong understanding of a woman-ideal (Hello to the 20th century!). All of it lowers our self-confidence more and more.

Renee from the “I feel pretty” movie shows everyone a great example of how important is a healthy self-esteem. She teaches simple lessons, that we all should follow:

  • Everything is in your head, not in your appearance.
  • Overthinking is your enemy.
  • If you want people to love you, you should love yourself first. 
  • Everybody has a talent.
  •  Fake it till you make it.
  • Be strong.


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