How to make your goals achievable?

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Do You have your new years’ resolution? Well done!

You did great!

But months are passing and you are not getting any closer to achieve at least one or two of your goals? That’s sad and very disappointing. Not for me or anybody else. First of all, it makes you sad.

I understand. I am here with you, and I want to help.

How can one achieve more of his goals? Make them achievable!

Sounds weird, but you will get it.

Tip number 1.

Do You have a goal? Analyze it!

For example, assume you want to spend your summer vacation in Italy. And you write it in your goals like “Holidays in Italy!“. That’s all.

And it will stay on your goals’ list like that for years. You know why? Because you don’t plan it! You just want it.

In order to achieve anything, you should write down every step on HOW you are going to achieve it and what you need to do for it.

Continue considering our example. When someone plans a holiday abroad, what do they do first?

They start a research. Start investigating how much a hotel would cost, how much is a 2 way ticket and when is the best time to book both. They get a picture of the basic expenses. Next, they learn how to get a tourist visa: which documents do they need to collect, how long it would take to get the visa, and what are the requirements.

You will be more likely to achieve a goal if you consider the process of achieving it. Step by step. This approach will help you to see where to start, to find possible obstacles before they stop you in the middle of the process and solve them ahead.

Making a step by step plan is good, what is better? Is to actually start working on it.

You will see that a goal is easier to achieve when you know where to start.

Tip number 2.

Some people say that you shouldn’t share your plans with others until you actually achieve what you’ve planned.

I would disagree with that.

Of course, you might feel scared of sharing your goals and plans with everybody. “Haters gonna hate” Share with people whom you trust. No need to spread it in a social media.

Why do you need to share?

1.Well, first of all, people around may actually help you. If you plan on building a garage there might be people who did that last year, and they may advise some worthful tips.

More than that, some of them may even help you financially if it is what you need for achieving your goal. Anyway, a good advice also counts.

2.They can support you. When you feel like giving up, they will remind you why you started it and how much you wanted it. Your friend may start going to the gym with you if your goal was to get healthier.

3.By telling people about your goals, you build yourself a responsibility. It is like you have promised it, and you have to follow your words. +1 Motivation! Fewer chances to give up.

Tip number 3.

While writing down your plans and goals set yourself time limits. It is important to prevent the chance of the goal to migrate to the wish list of a next year.

For example, finish writing your thesis in 6 months (not in 1 month, that’s impossible in most cases). Time limits must be realistic.

Even better, to write time limits for every step of your goal achieving process. It is like we used to have timetables at school: “Breakfast 30 minutes, 1 lesson – 45 minutes, lunch – 20 minutes”. Now, if you plan a trip 6 months from today, then you write down what you need to do before the trip on each month.

Don’t forget to open your planner from time to time to remind yourself where you are at the moment.

Tip number 4.

Consider your goals not as a result, but as a process.

Setting complicated and big goals most probably will require you to work on it. So get ready for it.

Passing an exam is not a work that can be done in one day. It is a long process of studying and practicing. Without preparing for it, your chances to pass are close to zero. So as losing weight, I guess, no one just expects to wake up skinny and healthy the next morning after planning it.

So now you can see why writing down a step by step goal achieving process is worth doing. It will not only help you to understand HOW TO but also HOW LONG and HOW HARD it is gonna be. Don’t pity yourself on that. Stay active and keep working. Stick to your timetable.

Tip number 5.

Thoughts are coming true.

I think I don’t need to remind you this one.

We all know that we get something what we really want. If you have a goal, you think about it, you find how to achieve it, and you make it happen.

Everything is in your head. Nothing is too hard with smart planning.


These 5 tips are very simple yet very helpful. Try it for yourself. Write down a simple plan on something you want to accomplish, and You will see that it is not actually so complicated as you thought. You will notice how easy it is to start when you know WHERE.

I hope, I could be helpful for you.

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