How to Make a Living with a Small Following

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               It is time to talk about blogging. Each blogger has his own way to success, but it is always good to know some tricks.

May I present you a post from my friend Carl E Vivanco. He is new in blogging but he is very energetic and full of fresh ideas.

*Disclaimer* This post may contain affiliate links. However, the author may earn a commission from sales, all opinions and reviews are their own.

How to Make a Living with a Small Following

To start off, you probably have a small blog or small following on one of your social media such as Instagram. This will help you learn to make a living from that platform no matter the size, whether you have 10k page views or 1k page views.

First, we must make sense of where income is possible with social media platforms.

There are different ways to make money: Affiliate income, Sponsored posts, Services, Products, and Advertisements.

Affiliate Income

Affiliate income comes from partnering with companies that you have personally reviewed and promoted to your audience.

You typically get a code on Instagram that customers can apply at checkout to give themselves a discount, as well as give you a small percentage of the purchase.

Blogging typically comes with a link to go to a page, which leaves a cookie. This cookie will tend to last from 24 hours to 1 week depending on the company, which will also give you a small percentage of the purchase.

These percentages tend to be small, but never underestimate how much money can add up over time. After a month of getting five dollars of affiliate income every day, you will have 150 dollars! That’s a solid source of income, especially when you can increase it to 10 dollars a day or 30 dollars a day!

Now the hard part is selling people on using the product at all instead of the product some other blogger says to use.

This is when you need to use your persuasive skills, using numbers (you will save 25%), using emotion (it’ll save you so much stress), or showing other big bloggers/stars using it as well (look at Steve, he has earned over 100,000 dollars blogging and still uses Bluehost as his go-to self-hosting site).

You will also want to research different ways to say small words to evoke emotion or the urge to buy this product. Just like how you would make a blog title, you should use words that represent time (quick, instantly, forever), ease (simple, easy, 2 step), and satisfaction (you’ll wish you knew, you’ll never look back).

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored Posts come from companies reaching out to you, who belong to the same niche/audience, to post about a certain product or service in exchange for moolah.

This is prevalent in both social media such as Instagram and blogging.

This is a very good way to make money, but also a very good way to tell readers you are a sell-out.

You should do sponsored posts very rarely, and only if the company is something you would promote to your blog even if you weren’t getting paid.

To make good money from this, simply give your honest opinion on the product. This is a way to earn money without having to convince readers to buy anything or do anything in exchange for reading.


Services are something you can perform and set up on your website to earn money for doing something for someone, such as writing a blog post for them, setting up a workout and diet routine for them, or teaching them how to do something.

This is a great source of income for people who like working and have the time to dedicate to these services.

The only issue with services is that you must have the time for them. You need to be able to provide the service you list quickly and with quality to make sure you have reoccurring customers and don’t lose all your credentials behind what you say.

One way to solve this is to limit resources. For Example: if you were a fitness blogger, you could offer workout and diet coaching on a month to month basis. You could create a waitlist to join and only hold 10 customers at a time, paying 500 dollars a month. Once one of them quits, you can bring in someone on the waiting list and never feel overworked, if you set up your limits right from the beginning.


Products are a resource you create once and sell over multiple platforms, creating a passive income just by promoting it.

Products can get you great money! If you do it right.

For Example:

Sally released an eBook about how to make money blogging with a small following. It was a good book, but she never promoted it on her blog. It was only on one page/post of her blog, and it didn’t get much traffic directly to it.

I see a lot of bloggers putting their eBook up on one post, but never promoting it!

Put it on your sidebar! Create a Resource tab to keep your products in (you can also add your affiliate products there as well)! Promote it all over the Pinterest until it goes viral!

Do everything to make sure anytime someone goes on your blog, no matter the post, they will see your product.

Another tip! You should post testimonials from some of your customers on the post with the direct product. This way people can see you are legit and will feel more compelled to buy your product.


Advertisements will typically go through a third-party company, which is who you will deal with, that allows you to place ads on your blog to earn a small income.

Advertising is one of the first ways people get money, especially through Google AdSense.

Although Google AdSense is really cheap, and it doesn’t pay well for advertisements, but it is a great tool for beginner bloggers to see progress in their earnings.

An Advertisement company I would recommend going to after you reach 25k Sessions is MediaVine.

Compared to Google AdSense’s $2.00 per 1000 visitors average, MediaVine gives around $11.00 per 1000 visitors average which can be a HUGE increase in income for bloggers of any size.

Apply This to Your Blog

Before you even launch your blog, you should be applying for all the possible affiliate products you have personally used so when you DO launch you’ll have a lot of codes and links to refer to.

By starting out with affiliate links and codes, you double your chances of getting a profit within weeks of launching.

When you launch, you can immediately place advertisements from Google AdSense on your blog.

To apply for advertisements to be placed on your site, you must create a profile for yourself using the link here.

It will tell you to insert a code into your header (If you have a WordPress site, you will need to install the headers and footers plugin to be able to do this).

Once approved, you can insert code in your site and choose where you want to see ads.

Services and Products can be started at any time in your blogging career.

Most people wait until they establish a brand reputation before creating services and products, however, you are not required to!

You can create services and products at any time, but from my experience and what I have seen within other bloggers is they will get caught up in those services and products without creating a brand reputation.

All this does is not establish a reason for readers to think they can buy your product with confidence and will get value back from giving you their money.

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