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Scientists suggest that it takes us only 1/10 of a second to construct the first impression of a person we meet. 

Sometimes, we all have situations, when we need to make a good impression. It can be an interview for your dream job position, a meeting with business partners, or a meeting with the family of your second half for the first time. All of these situations can be life-changing. But what can you actually do in 1/10 of a second? Is it even possible to impress someone within so short period of time?

Less than a second is not enough for impressing someone with your speech, your achievements, or anything else, except your look. As you know, when people meet you for the first time, they mostly pay attention to your face and your clothes.

The best way to make a good first impression with your face is simply smiling. Smile to show your good intentions and make people around feel more comfortable.

However, when you try to impress with your outfit, it might be a little bit more complicated. There are so many rules and nuances of how you should look in different life situations.

So how exactly to form a good impression in no time, before a person even talks to you?

Simple tips to form a good impression in no time

#1. The first thing you need to think about is the color of your clothes. I would prefer to see nice and calm colors (acid colors won’t be helpful). All or the colors have a special message.

For example, pink is not only for little girls. The color is known to decrease the level of aggressiveness of the opponent if any.

What can be better than looking at a deep blue sea? Blue has the ability to calm people. It also has the power of increasing the level of communicability. Sky blue will show you as a reliable and a trustworthy person.

Green – is the color of success. It is the best color to wear at business meetings. Somehow, it forms an impression of a steady and wise person.

It is also helpful to remember that light and pastel shades of colors are more suitable for a meeting with friends and family. They are helpful in forming open and friendly environmentDark shades of colors help to look more professional. They work best for official meetings.

#2. It’s not a secret that people are attracted to the people with good body proportions. It is something that is out of our control, related to the evolution and genes memory. You can’t help it. However, you can play with it. Sometimes, using simple tricks with clothes proportions is enough to visually get closer to the ideal ones.

So how to form correct proportions?

First of all, have an honest and critical look at yourself. You should know your strong sides. And when you find your weak sides, check this out:
The correct length of the bottom:
1) the knee line;
2) right over the knee line or right below it;
3) ankle length.
These lines help to visually make your legs longer and don’t cut your body to non-proportional parts.
(Pic Sources: 1 and 2)

Shoulders and hips: an hourglass body shape is known to be the most attractive. If your body has another shape, consider correcting it with visualization.

If you have narrow hips and wide shoulders: pay attention to wider pants and skirts. It will balance your hourglass.

If you have wider hips: put an accent on your upper part. Interesting blouses with the decor, brooches, wide shoulder or off the shoulder tops.

It’s known that a perfect body has proportions of 3/5 respectively upper body/below the waistline. In order to get closer to the models’ look draw the attention to your waistline with belts or high waisted bottoms. (It is better to avoid low waisted bottoms or clothes that don’t have any waistline)

#3. I find it very important to follow dressing etiquette. While choosing your total look for a meeting, take a moment to think about people you are going to meet. It is good if you know something about them. try to follow their preferences or at least respect their status.

For example: wearing ripped jeans for a meeting with a possible business partner, would be most probably showing your disrespect (unless you are a music band or a producer of ripped jeans, but even if you are..). Respect people around you and it will pay you back.

#4. Appropriateness: 

Being dressed appropriately for the situation is a great plus in achieving positive first impressions.

I don’t find it wise to obey the rules of a dress code in order to show your personality. That is something that teenagers do.

When you have a very important meeting, you should use all the weapons you can, in order to achieve what you are trying to. I believe there are many other days and occasions where you can express yourself.

You can find a dozen of examples in movies. The idea is simple: a hero starts wearing beautiful, styled, and appropriate clothes and reaches success (Devil Wears Prada (2006), Pretty Woman (1990)). If you want a success, do not obey the rules and norms of style.

#5. Accessories. Coco Chanel once said, “When putting on accessories, take off the last thing you’ve put on.” I agree, looking like a Christmas tree is not gonna help you charm anyone but a toddler.

However, this is a double-edged sword. Having no accessories at all makes your look boring without letting you stand out from the crowd.

Choose accessories wisely. Pay attention to modern ones with a tempered style. Forget about jewelry sets, they are too old-style. Let your accessories be a spice in the cocktail. Something standing out, but not screaming.

#6. Makeup. you probably think that your fake eyelashes and mastered eyeliner (that ends somewhere close to your hairline) look super fancy on you. I have no doubts about it. However, sometimes it may be shocking.

During formal or family meetings it is always better to stay natural. Leave your extra makeup look for the nightclub.


Everybody wants to be a little bit better than he/she is. It is not bad. We are growing and developing. Developing your style is something that will not only please your ego but also help you open new doors and make a step forward.

These easy-peasy tips are proved to be helpful in forming a good first impression.

However, never forget about your value as of a person. No dress can be helpful without it. Also, read how your clothes can help you to increase your self-confidence here.


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