HOW TO Enjoy the process of life

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Modern life runs too fast. We have to be fast enough to be in time everywhere. Sometimes we even can’t remember how to relax. Even on our vacations, and on our free days we make a list of all the things that should be done.

I am kind of a person who can’t stay still. I always find something to do for myself. Sometimes it is overdoing and overthinking.

Unfortunately, sometimes, all my efforts end up nowhere. And I feel tired and sad about being tired but not having actually done/finished anything.

Sometime later, looking back to those days when I was running somewhere but not being able to accomplish something, I tell myself: why didn’t I just enjoy the process? 

Yes! Working hard for the chance to buy your own home is good, but what if it will take longer than you expect?

Then how many years you leave for yourself to actually live and enjoy your life?

Think about it for a moment now. Take a breath and answer one question: do you really want to go on like this? If not, then continue reading.

I made a list of simple rules that will help me and you to enjoy the life and stop running.

Be right here right now.

Following our big goals and dreams, we sometimes forget to pay attention to what is happening around us. I understand we’re all busy. We try hard to survive. We spend all our time at work, we think about work when we don’t work.

Look around you! Life is changing!

Your kids are growing fast, so as your parents growing old. Being right here and right now means to open your eyes wide and face everything around you. Look, the tree on your backyard blooms. Look, someone around you is having hard-time and needs your support. Look, you are enjoying a movie night with your favorite friends. Feel those moments and be a little bit more sentimental, trying to memorize each of them.

Find something positive in each day

Finding something positive in each and every day is one of the ways to enjoy the process of life. This is simple. There are thousands of things that can bring happiness to each day!

I try to find something special in every single day (honestly, without it I can’t even make myself get out of bed. And none of the future goals can help me. I need something good every day and each day).

Finding something positive in each day is easy: expecting a super tasty breakfast, starting a new book, making yourself a coffee in a new way, wearing your favorite shirt, making a new hairstyle in the morning, getting a mail that you expect, calling someone, cooking your favorite meal, meeting a friend after work, enjoying the rain/sun, etc.

The point here is, life doesn’t count only weekends. Life is every day and each day. The moment we understand that we will start enjoying it.

Enjoy your meal (really)

During the day, we don’t always have time to enjoy our meal. We have a coffee on the go, then a little snack while working, then fast lunch. The routine takes away the pleasure of our meal time.

Make a new ritual for yourself and for your family. Have a nice meal in a good company, enjoying every bite of it. It can be a good breakfast around your family, a lunch with your co-workers with light chit-chat, or a coffee break just for yourself in silence. Thinking about what you eat during the process will help your digestion, will make you feel full faster, and will make you feel more satisfied with your meal.

Don’t try to control every minute of your life

Controlling our lives is of course necessary. We need to know and understand what is going on around us, in order to make plans and achieve our goals.

But we don’t actually need to control every minute of our day. Sometimes it is for our best to break our plans. whether it will be a spontaneous vacation, a night out, or a 10-minute game-break.

Sticking to the plan every day is boring. Excuse yourself for not wanting to do something, enjoy the moment and relax.

Be thankful

Not just a quick ‘thnx’ for a favor, but gratefulness.

How can it help?

Thinking about the things you are grateful for makes you remember the moment you were thankful to someone. It is about seeing small details that make us feel better and understanding how easy it is to make someone a little bit happier. Today someone smiled at you, tomorrow you help an old lady to carry heavy bags, the day after that, that old lady helped a street cat. You see where this is going?

Being thankful will not only make YOU feel better, but it will also inspire the person you thanked.

That’s all. So simple.


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