How I decided to become a personal stylist

Style / Sunday, November 10th, 2019


My name is Elina, and welcome back to my website.

A year ago I have told you about a new page in my life. I think it is time to make a big coming out! I am a personal stylist.

Since my childhood, I have been always interested in good clothes, dresses and good looking. I think I have it from my mother. My mother is a very good dressmaker. And all my childhood she was sewing dresses for me, my sister and herself. Thus, in all children’s parties, I was the only girl with a unique handmade dress.

My mother taught me a sense of style and femininity. Later in college, my friends often asked me for styling advice.

And then, I’ve realized that I feel real joy and happiness seeing happy women whom I helped to get dressed. And that made me start styling courses, to get a deeper knowledge about clothes, body shapes, materials, etc.

No no, I didn’t think that only one course will make me an expert. I studied several. One of them is Brittish College of Profession Styling. I really loved the course. It included the exact amount of information needed for a stylist to make a good career start.

With my styling work, I want to make as many women happy as I can. I know that women are under great pressure of “gold standard’ and age frames. Some of them are too afraid to wear something new and change their style. They are afraid to be judged by other women, by colleagues, by their family.

When women come to me, I make a great accent on the advantages of their appearance and show how to draw attention to it with clothes. I try to give them support and increase their self-esteem.

We are all beautiful! Just not all of us know it.



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