My name is Elina. I am 29 years old. I am a wife of a civil engineer and I have a master’s degree in economics (whatever, it’s never been useful). I am very happy to greet all of you here on my blog!

I was born in a very small town deep in Russia. After celebrating my 17th birthday, I left my parents’ home and moved to Moscow. In Russia, when someone moves from a small town to Moscow, we call it “to win Moscow”. I always remember my student years with a special warmth in my heart (mostly thanks to the wonderful people I met there who became my true friends).

After graduating and working as a helper for a year I’ve got bored and decided to live some years in Turkish Ankara (it’s a long story for a whole new and inspiring blog post). Now I am back, trying to “win” this city again.

My blog is my baby. I’ve been carrying the idea of creating one since more than one year. I’ve read so many blogs about how to create a blog (I feel like I can write another blog about it).

It all started when my thesis advisor (probably after getting tired of me talking too much at our meetings) said: “You should write a blog!” At first, I just laughed, because I couldn’t even imagine myself doing something like that (Look at me now!).

Here in my blog, I would like to talk about things that make me feel inspired: motivation, work, holidays, creations (DIY). I separate my posts into 4 main categories:

Read posts that carry some helpful ideas or simply are motivational.

Create Is the area where I express my inspiration. Not only DIYs can be created. Create your lifestyle, your fashion style, and your blog with me.

Celebrate after hard work or for special occasions we all deserve some celebration.

Travel I have collected a bunch of interesting stories from my travelings.

Hope you enjoy reading and I hope I could make your day a little better ♥

P.S. For any questions or possible collaborations please contact me email@elinasalley.com.