Everyday time-saving hacks

Read / Sunday, January 7th, 2018

Holidays are over and it’s time to work hard, as we promised ourselves at the end of the last year.

would be very happy to write a post about how I solved time management and how I became more productive. I would really want to write it, but I can’t.

Time management is still a big problem for me too.

As many of you, reading this post, I want to achieve more goals of mine and have more time for myself. So many books I want to read, so many films to watch, and so many delicious dinners I want to cook by myself (I wish I had a teleport, a time travel machine would also work).

Here are my little tips, for surviving in 24-hour days, doing my best.

1. We all have to pay our bills from time to time. Nowadays, it doesn’t take as much time as 10 years ago with all that online banking services and electronic queues. However, even just keeping payment dates in mind is exhausting. So, I decided to make at least some of them to be paid automatically from my bank account. Those monthly payments for phone bills, internet etc I can throw them out of my head. They are not taking even a minute of my day anymore.

2. The scariest words for each woman are: “I have nothing to wear!”. This is the beginning of the end, especially when you are running late to work, or your kids are late to kindergarten/school. Those precious minutes in mornings are often wasted for a very stupid reason. Think a little: why do You have nothing to wear? Most of the times it happens because our favorite cloth or a suitable cloth for a special occasion is not ready. The simple solution is having your clothes ready ahead: do not leave your favorite shirt on a shelf with a ripped button (it may ruin your day), keep your clothes ironed, think about matching your wardrobe pieces in your free time (having an idea of what is matchable will immediately help you choose a perfect combination in a few seconds).

3. Here comes the hardest tip. Limit the time you spend on your gadgets. I mean those times when we aimlessly read all the same news (for the 10th time during the day), check photos of cute puppies (ok, my bad, puppies can stay), check other peoples’ life (celebrities’) on social media. Do you also have these precious moments (about 30 minutes) when you come home and sit on your couch checking “what’s new” with your pants halfway off? Me too))) Bad news is: this is killing our day! Stop checking how beautiful other people’s dinner is and make yours. On the other hand, this is an inseparable part of the society, so we need to be online from time to time. I leave these things for late evenings before I go to sleep. This is a part of the day when the activity of people in social media is minimum, and I can read all the news from the morning at one time.

4. If you live in a megapolis like me, then you also spend a few hours a day driving or using a public transport. That is very exhausting. At the same time, it’s an opportunity. Time on the road is perfect for reading books (sometimes I don’t even feel how another hour passed if the book is really interesting) or listening books and podcasts (if you drive). Instead of stressing out in a traffic, use this time for your pleasure. Play a podcast of something that interests you, and the road will stop being a waste of time. I’ve read 4 books in one month reading only on my way to work. This is also a good way to forget work problems and throw the stress out of your head.

This is not the whole list of how we can make our lives easier. I will continue searching for new ways to manage my time in busy days in the most productive way and share it with you.

Maybe you have your own time-management secret? Share with me!

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  1. Another time management skill/tip is to order essentials through amazon! For example, toilet paper is something you always need, so why waste brain power on it? Having new toilet paper sent to your house on a regular basis will save so much time and stress! Love this article by the way!

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