Break losers’ circle and kick-start your 2018!

Read / Thursday, January 11th, 2018

Having a plan for a whole year ahead is great! Achieving all points of your plans is perfect! It means you’ve chosen right goals and managed to complete them (congratulations!).

As for me, remembering my previous year and summing up all my achievements would not make me feel satisfied at all. Do you remember the “hold” button on office telephones? Well, that one button pretty much describes all my 2017. I feel like someone (most probably it was me) put me on “hold” and kept there for the whole year.

Seriously, I was not able to do anything last year nor did I achieve anything (in my opinion). What I did great was finding excuses (I think, I should add a note to my CV “expert in finding excuses for procrastination”).

Everyone and everything were guilty in my unsuccessfulness. I was blaming the situation, the bad time, the lack of good offers in finding a job (preferably the job of my dreams), bad weather, etc. However, I, myself, was not trying to change the situation I am in.

In the end of the year, I started thinking that this is not how I want my life to be! This is not what I want to do next year! And I started taking actions.
No, I did not run to open my business or invest in construction project (not so good example, but you get what I mean). I started from a little step: I read books that would help me to spend my next year in the way that I want it to be!

The more I read, the more I understood which mistakes I did day after day and how to escape from a losers’ circle.

The first book I read was “The Upward Spiral” of Alex Korb. The author explains the nature of depression using neuroscience. I have to admit it, it wasn’t so easy to understand the first part of the book, but it definitely worth it!

Reading this book I’ve learned that my current state is most probably a depression. Lucky me to find this book and reverse all my negative thoughts and feelings in time! Now, following very easy advises of A. Korb on how to make your life better, I am full of energy and powers to work, to create, to help other people around me! “The Upward Spiral” is a great way to start a year on the right path.

Another book that impressed me was the “Shut your monkey” by Danny Gregory. A very funny name for a book that carries so important and valuable ideas. The author is a very positive person (yes, I understood that just from reading his book)), who explains how to become a self-confident generator of new ideas. The book helps to overcome the opinion of your biggest critic: yourself.

“Shut your monkey” helped me to get rid of my monkeys. Now, I know what to do, how to do, and where to start.
Last year was definitely not my year, but I’m glad this period is over. I am thankful that I’ve experienced a period like that because it helped me to start over and look at my life from a different angle. I carry big hopes and plans for 2018 and I am ready to work hard to make them come true.

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