Best websites for fashion-lovers to replace Polyvore. 2018

Create, Style / Sunday, June 3rd, 2018

Polyvore fans! I am here to save you!

I am a big fan of fashion. Even though sometimes I’m restricted with some norms and rules, I like to consider different styles and looks. But most of all, of course, as many of us, I am restricted with the budget.

Especially in that cases, you need to know what is in trend and how you can apply your resources the best way you can.

This is the time when the Internet comes for your help.

Polyvore (R.I.P.) was the lifesaver. Unfortunately, I’ve discovered it too late. It shut down without any warning. I felt so sad and lost. That’s why I decided to find places where you and I can express our passion, play with looks and different combinations, and connect with other fashion-lovers and trendsetters.

Today, I have prepared a list of websites, that can help to create a fashion set.

Disclaimer: This is not a promoted post. The list is based only on my experience and my impressions.

Best websites for fashion-lovers to replace Polyvore. 2018

#1. It was the first website that I’ve found after the announcement that the lovely Polyvore is no longer functioning.

TrendMe has almost all the same functions of the latter one, or even more. Except creating style sets, you can do so many things.

  • For example, you can easily add a new item directly from the shop website link. More than that, you can use your affiliate link for that item! Since all the items have links, it is very easy to find how to purchase something that you liked on other users’ sets.
  • You can download catwalk pictures or the picture of your own total look.
  • For everything you do on TrendMe you get points. I’m not really sure about how it affects your account, but the more points you have, the higher your user level is.
  • TrendMe has a forum, where you can ask all the questions starting from the “how it works?” to “how to wear it?”. Other users gladly answer all of them.

To be honest, I love it and all the opportunities this website gives. However, it has one minus. The quality of the set picture is not as good as it is expected to be (the only thing that upsets me).

#2. LOOKBOOK.NU. This website is like an Instagram specialized in fashion. It has the best inspirational feed that comes directly from streets. People share real-life photographs of their look.

Create your account and start browsing looks of many different categories. They have really comfortable navigation system! Find what people wear in your neighborhood or what is trendy in other countries. You can also browse looks of a special category, like evening look, sport, business casual, etc.

Find inspiration, share your fashion looks. Mark your branded items: there is even a chance to add an URL for the cloth piece where it came from. “Hype” others’ fashion looks, connect with like-minded, follow fashion-gurus, find people near you or overseas.

There is a chance to participate in contests, and win real money for shopping in sponsoring brands.

What else? Read blog posts about fashion news and trends, communicate in Forum, discover “leaderboards” with trendsetters’ accounts, create and join collections.

This website is very inspirational. I really liked it and already posted my first look. Though, it has zero hype yet. Check me out!

#3. is a website that describes itself as “The community for trendsetters of beauty and fashion”.

It has a very comfortable filter system for the style-inspiration-seekers. You can simply pick your favorite color or the special occasion you need to find an inspiration for, and browse the looks of the trendsetters.

Or you can become one of the trendsetter. Create your look, add high-quality photos (all the content is moderated), become a popular trendsetter and monetize your contentExtra option: sell your items in the Market. Browse for Trendtation Brands’ shops in the Boutiques. observes the latest trends and tips in its Trendtation Blog, where they talk about what to wear and how to wear it while getting an inspiration from the community trendsetters.

#4. So far, the closest to the website that I could find. It has a nice-looking welcome page, comfortable items navigation tool, though I’m not sure about how full is their collection.

It is so simple to create your style sets there (I felt like I’m home), also they offer you to watch the tutorial video first. See my first outfit set and judge for the picture quality by yourself.

As for me, THIS IS IT! This is where you can create fashion and share with others! I really loved it.

#5. The last one I would like to talk to you about is a Polyvore’s dupe (at least the admins claim so). I have accidentally found it while googling for something that can be used instead of Polyvore.

Meet the A website for creating fashion, beauty, and home decor sets.

Unfortunately, as you can see, they are not ready to welcome users yet (I can’t say anything about how safe it is to leave them your email address, decide it for yourself).

However, they mention Polyvore and promise to keep your creations safe.

The welcome page looks trustworthy and promising, time will show if they will even start working.


When the Polyvore was gone for good, many fashion bloggers and simply fashion-lovers were shocked and sad at the same time. Some of them lost their portfolios or working sets.

I understand them, I was afraid I will not be able to find the alternative.

However, this list shows you, that there is nothing to worry about. The internet has an alternative for almost everything. More than that, you can sometimes find something even better!

I hope you enjoyed reading the list and it could be helpful for you.

Do you know some other websites for fashion-lovers? Please share with us in comments!


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