Best tips to survive a night at the airport!

Travel / Saturday, January 20th, 2018

Do you like to plan your next vacation for months or you just grab your bag and buy a ticket for the first suitable flight?

I am more like the second kind of people (forced to be by obstacles). Don’t get me wrong, I like making plans, saving dates, looking for better prices, and packing my suitcase a month before the vacation starts. I really do! Unfortunately, all my trips were spontaneous (mostly due to my husband’s work).

This is one of the reasons we’ve decided on the destination of our honeymoon just 2 days before the trip started. Also, it is the reason why we had it 2 months after our wedding.

We headed to Cuba!

I need to say, it’s not so easy to go from Ankara (Turkey) to Havana, like at all… In order to get there, we took a flight through Amsterdam. Oh, no wait. First, we flew to Istanbul approximately 1 hour, and only then we flew to Amsterdam. Funny story, since we bought our tickets so late, we didn’t bother making visas for going outside of the airport and travel Amsterdam. Unfortunately, airport workers did not believe us and tried to stop us from entering the plane… (I thought our honeymoon has finished before starting).

Actually, there was a point getting visas: we stayed in Amsterdam airport for… wait for it… 12 hours !!(really nice place: library, shops, playground, cafes. I recommend).  During that long night, I was really glad I prepared well. These are my tips for surviving a night at the airport.

[Travel tip #1: carry your skin care products in small volumes in your purse]. I am really addicted to taking care of my face. I feel so uncomfortable at the end of the day when my make up melts or skin gets dry. I was happy to have a chance to refresh my face during a long trip.

We were going to spend a night at the airport, so we had to grab a snack somewhere. Unfortunately, all the shops and almost all cafes were closing up for night time. We were lucky to grab some sandwiches and chips while they were available [Travel tip #2: some nutritional bars and nuts will save you from starving during a long night with only vending machines available (also budget-friendly $$)].

Having a snack in an airport at night is challenging! Why? Besides, most of the things there are not healthy, also at nights, airports get less crowded and it is a perfect time for rats and mice to have their dinner from everything that fell on the floor. I am serious! No matter how often they clean it, where is food – there are mice! [Travel tip #3: stay farther from cafeterias if you don’t want to share your food with those little buddies. Take food to go].

Ok. We’ve arrived at Amsterdam airport, walked a dozen of circles around the area, fought for food and read all the news in our social media accounts, time to have at least a couple of hours of rest. This airport was perfect for it (for example, if someone would have to spend a night in any airport in Moscow, I don’t know how they survive without renting a hotel room)! In Schiphol, there were so many comfortable chairs where you can sleep comfortably while charging your phone next to you (Caution! There are many chairs, but not limitless ;). However, it was a bit cold. [Travel tip #4: even if you are heading to a hot sunny place for a vacation, carry some warm clothes with you, airports are chilly at nights].

A long night came to an end. At last, we were invited to our plane which was going directly to Havana! I almost forgot to tell you the most important thing [Travel tip #5: don’t miss your next flight]. It sounds stupid, but cozying up in a soft chair may make you forget what the heck you are doing here, so, set an alarm.

In total, our trip from Ankara to Havana took more than 30 hours. It was a very interesting but tiring experience. I love traveling, and I dreamt going to Cuba, but next time I would be more picky in choosing plane tickets.

Have you ever had a situation like that? Which tips did you use to make the waiting time a bit easier?


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