Are you investing in yourself the right way?

Lifestyle, Read / Sunday, July 8th, 2018

Are you investing in yourself the right way?

First of all, what is an investment? Investopedia explains it as follows: “An investment is an asset or item that is purchased with the hope that it will generate income or appreciate in the future”. So technically, it means getting something in return whenever you spend your money. But an investment does not always relate to money.

In a real-life, you make an investment every day whenever you make a choice of spending or purchasing something. It can be anything: buying shares or real estate, choosing healthy meal over fast food, hiring a personal stylist, getting an education and so on.

In this post, I consider different types of investments in yourselves. You do not need a financial education to understand how to get a profit from them. And they don’t require you to hire a professional accountant.

How can you invest in yourself?

#1 The first and most important one, to my mind, is an investment in your health. As a grown-up, you’ve probably already had a chance to deal with an emergency doctor visits and know how costly it is. Taking care of your health is a good investment of not only your money but also your time.

Investment in your health will be definitely profitable. It will start paying you back almost immediately, and the return will grow year after year. How can you invest in your health?

  • Doing sports. Needless to say how important is physical activity especially when you work in the office. No time for the gym club? Have a walk outside during your lunch break, walk to the next bus station.
  • Healthy diet. “An apple a day keeps the doctors away” – remember? A healthy diet is necessary not only for weight loss. It also helps you to stay energetic and active.
  • Regime. Scientists have proved that people with a strict regime feel themselves better during the day than people who do not follow any regime. Waking up, having a meal, going to sleep at the same time have a good impact on your heart, brain activity, and your work.

As you might have noticed, investment in your health is more related to your time. But the return will be priceless.

#2 Investing in your education. As getting older, settling at your workplace, you start forgetting about education. Most of us even think “thank God the school years finished!” Thinking like that is ok. For some of us, it is the way it should be.

However, I can never stop. Even when I have entered my first job, I immediately entered some language courses. Later I have entered into the masters’ program. In summer breaks I was learning nail art and makeup. For me, education is an inseparable part of my life.

At the same time, every education can be considered as an investment. Of course, when you study for masters’ diploma you do it only for your career and your future income. But all the other courses can be helpful as well. Attending nail art courses helped me to save a bunch of money on salon procedures, yet always having my nails looking perfect.

There are so many sources and educational programs nowadays, that everyone can find what he wants. And who knows, maybe one of them can completely change your life and your investment in education may turn into the biggest return from it.

#3 Investing time in yourselfBeing a grown-up and have a family and a full-time job is awesome! But sometimes, trying to be on time everywhere you forget about yourself. It is actually not a healthy behavior. Trying to reach for everything is exhausting. Everybody needs a break.

Overworking, leaving yourself tired and sometimes missing your lunch may end up with a depression, digestion disorders, and overall tiredness. Do you need it? If no, then don’t forget about the time for yourself. Make yourself a habit of spending at least a short amount of time doing what you like, what makes you happy, or doing nothing at all.

How can this be an investment? Investing time in yourself means you spend your free time without fulfilling someone else’s needs. The return, however, can be greater. You will be full of energy and life powers that you can later productively spend with your family and at work. No one wants a grumpy co-worker or a depressed mother. Invest time in your own mental health, and don’t forget to give this opportunity to your beloved ones.

#4 Let’s again consider some better ways of your financial investments. Investing in your wardrobe. This kind of investment may sound crazy. No, I do not consider buying and selling wardrobe pieces as a way of earning a profit (unless you are Rhiana of course, then everything you’ve worn once can be sold with 100 times higher price). Instead, I would like to talk about wiser spending.

Everybody buys clothes and shoes from time to time. Some of the purchases are good, and you wear the item for a few seasons. Unfortunately, some part of your purchases are not so lucky, and they stay in your wardrobe without being worn or directly go to trash. At that moment, the only thing you can think about is the amount of money you’ve spent on it.

One of the ways to escape from spending money on clothes that don’t pay back is to invest in classics. Classic blazer, simply shaped pants, pencil skirt, classic jeans, aviator sunglasses, etc. Some of the clothes are never out of fashion. Spending money on immortal trends will help you to keep your budget healthy, yet leaving your look out of what is said to be “out of style”.

When you think about investing in your wardrobe, pay more attention to the quality of an item. Read more about different ways of smarter shopping in my post here.


Investment means that something has been purchased with an intent to get a future interest from it. However, investment does not only belong to the financial world. In fact, you do investments every day. It is in your choice of spending money, in your way of spending time and in your self-care.

In this post, I have considered 4 the most common ways of spending your resources that should be considered as an investment. They are:

  • investments in your health;
  • investments in your education;
  • investments in self-care time;
  • investments in your wardrobe.

Investing in yourself is important. It is the perfect way to become a better person, a successful employee, a smarter shopper. Concentrate on your needs and wishes and master self-investment tips for a better future. That’s what the investments are made for.

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