7 awesome ways of smarter shopping!

Create, Style / Sunday, July 1st, 2018

Shopping is a necessary process of a modern life. We don’t hunt anymore. You go out shopping for groceries, for clothes, for everything. And there are so fewer people who actually sew their own clothes.

Shopping is kind of a fun process of spending money (spending money is always funnier that earning). Meeting your friends in a shopping mall and walking around shops, making small talks or discussing news. It appears to become not only shopping but also a full-time sports activity and social meeting.

However, sometimes shopping for a new piece of wardrobe turns into a nightmare for some of us. It is actually a big deal to buy a new piece of cloth. It should bring you joy, make you look better, make you feel comfortable, and it should be wearable. Nothing matches, nothing suits, nothing of what you want. What to do? There must be a way of smarter shopping.

I myself had the same problem of spending hours in a shopping mall without being able to find something that was on my list. Then I’ve started thinking: how to make the process easier and spend your time and money smarter? And I have made a list of 7 ways to help you in this cruel world of shopping.

7 awesome ways of smarter shopping!

#1 Online shopping. The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about smart shopping is shopping online. It sounds like a perfect way. You can do it right from your home sitting on your cozy couch. More than that, you can spend less because online shopping has higher discounts. Also, when you make a purchase for the first time you might get an extra discount.

You don’t need to walk miles in a huge mall. All you need to do is simply click another link. However, in order to do smart online shopping, you should pay attention to some points.

  • First of all, check the size chart. Don’t be lazy to take your proper measures in order to have a better fit of your new purchase.
  • Second: know the brand. Some brands are different in sizes from others. Some fit, some are too loose or too small. Check the feedback from other buyers in order to find it out.

#2 Shopping only when you need it. What does that mean? In order to shop smarter and spend less on stuff that you don’t need, go to shopping malls with a certain list of clothes that you are looking for. Don’t buy a third blouse of the same color if it is not your obligatory uniform at work. Think ahead about what you already have, and what is missing. This will save your budget from impulsive spending.

#3 Buying only what is matchable and suits with the rest of your wardrobe style. This is the number one rule when building a wardrobe capsule and trying to live on a budget. The idea is in the deep analysis of your wardrobe, your style, your lifestyle. Matchable style, colors, and cloth fit. It helps you to turn your wardrobe into a LEGO. And forget about struggles what is matchable and what is not.

How to achieve it? The easiest and fastest way is before you buy one or another piece of cloth you try to construct 3 total looks with this item and the rest of your wardrobe in your head. Does it match more than 1 pair of your shoes? Can you make 2 bottom-top combinations with it? Can you wear your blazer/vest/jacket with it?

#4 Appropriate shopping. Do you happen to have a wardrobe full of clothes that are new but you have nowhere to wear it? Or do you have a maniac love for sportive wear but don’t actually do sports? This is what I mean. When turning your way of shopping into a smart shopping you should always have in mind how often do you wear this kind of outfit.

If you wear sneakers once in a barbeque season, do you actually need to buy a new pair of “balances” that are super trendy this year? I used to collect cocktail dresses, never missed a sale hoping to be invited somewhere some day. Unfortunately, parties in that period happened to be less than I expected. As a result, I’ve spent money on clothes that I didn’t wear often and that are out of style already.

#5 Choosing the quality. How often did you find your almost new cloth looking like it was used as a dog blanket? Admit it, sometimes the clothes that are cheaper or produced from low-quality fabric lose the perfect look faster than other ones. Of course, the way how you take care of it matters as well. But the fact is a fact: money spent, cloth ruined.

How to avoid it and enjoy your cloth items longer? The answer is: choose the quality! They do not have to be bought from the top designers in luxury shops. You can find some high-quality clothes in mass-market brands as well.

#6 Buying locally produced items. Talking about quality. Whenever you happen to buy a cloth of a poor quality from a mass-market store, most probably you will not go to ask for a justice. Even if you do, it will not change the fact that you have already spent your time purchasing it and your mood is already ruined.

This is why you should purchase clothes that are locally produced. Being close to their customers, producers will most likely pay more attention to the quality of what they sell (simply because you can easily reach them in case you are not satisfied).

#7 Investing in basics. Dressing in the latest fashion trends is awesome! Unfortunately, it is very costly. Trends come and go faster than the season finishes. Instead of spending all of your budgets on renewing your closet over and over again, invest in basics.

There are so many types of items that almost never go out of style. For example, I have a couple pieces of wardrobe that I can truly call an investment. I wear them for a few years in a raw. They are classic pants, ivory silk blouse, my go-to awesome Zara blazer (I literally wear it for the 6th year matching it with trousers, dresses, and jeans). Now, when I have realized that clothes can last that long, I try to find something similar. Classic shape, basic, solid color (prints are too attached to the fashion changes), and good quality.


Shopping is fun! But smart shopping is better.

Whenever you are about to purchase one new piece of clothes remember these simple rules and never regret about wasted time or money anymore:

  • shop online whenever it is possible
  •  buy only items that you need
  • construct 3 outfits of a new cloth and the wardrobe that you already have
  • choose quality
  • buy locally produced
  • invest in basics.

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