5 Traveling mistakes that ruin your dream vacation

Travel / Tuesday, May 1st, 2018

It’s spring! Holiday-season is approaching! Time to plan our holidays, pack our suitcases and “Bon Voyage“!

Why do you travel?

Do you want to get into adventure or just stick to the plan and timetable? If the answer is the plan, then how is it different from your everyday life? Wake up at 6 am, breakfast, work, evening, home. Over and over again.

Aren’t we going to holidays to rest from the routine and feel free and a little bit crazy (OMG! not as crazy as missing the breakfast of course)?

Then, what do you want?

I generally don’t plan holidays, things go as they are. I take opportunities and different offers (be careful not all offers are good for you and your safety).

Going to another country is already a big adventure. Plan it without planning too hard.

What are the mistakes travelers do?

Mistake #1. Sticking to the general tourist guide. If you do this, you will be visiting all the places where all the other tourists go. Most probably it will be crowded. The best option is to have a local citizen who would be willing to show you the other side of the city

However,  sometimes, sticking to the group of tourists is the best way to see and try all the things that the specific country offers. For example, it is better to see Thailand with the guide. Roads are too dangerous and it is easier to visit many islands in a short period of time by just buying a tour.

For example, if you go to Cuba, your touristic agency will most probably bring you to Varadero. And it will be hard to learn the culture and the background life by staying in a hotel for all of your vacation.

Mistake #2. Not learning about the small culture. By saying small culture I mean visiting not the restaurants that are designed especially for tourists, but visiting places where local citizens prefer to have a breakfast. enter local shops and maybe try some street food (ooooh.. spooky), be careful there.

For example, In Georgia, Batumi, the best khachapuri (traditional bakery with local cheese) we have eaten in a small local shop. They cooked it especially for us. It was hot and fresh, but we had to wait for a little while. The same is with wine: we bought the best kinds of Georgian wine in a small shop, rather than in a supermarket.

Mistake #3. Being afraid of changing your location. Coming for a vacation to the seaside and staying there for the rest of the holidays enjoying all-inclusive and evening animation sounds fun. Isn’t it? Nope…

If you are brave enough, take your chances and see other places within the country. I am sure everywhere can be found a piece of heaven, far from crowded touristic places.

You may find many interesting places, colorful background streets, historical place, or anything else. But this part will require you to make some preparations before you go. Maybe renting a car, or learning a few words in another language and taking a bus. I’m sure you won’t regret (ok once we did regret.. but now I don’t think so).

Mistake #4 Packing too much baggage. On the one hand, being prepared for everything while on a vacation is good. But on the other hand, there are so many options to buy something new which was produced in a country where you heading to. I like to discover locally produced goods.

In most cases, you will not be able to find those in shops next to your home.  So, leave some space in your luggage and bring some national styled pieces of clothes, locally produced cosmetics, pieces of art, gifts, and souvenirs. They will make a great memory, better than another magnet on your fridge.

Mistake #5 Not communicating with other travelers. I remember, I told you not to stick to the group tours. However, communicating with other tourists can benefit you.

Especially if it is your first visit to the country, you may not know all the tricks and hacks that experienced travelers might know. They may help you to find the best places for shopping, advise you the most interesting tour or a cafe with the tastiest breakfasts.

If you are not sure if you will be able to meet someone during the vacation. then go to some thematic forums and ask questions you are interested in. People love to share their travel stories.


Traveling is the best way to spend your holidays and rest from a routine life.

However, sometimes we turn our vacations into a routine without even noticing it. Don’t do it! You go far away to find new impressions, learn a new culture, and forget about your everyday life. So let yourself be crazy, spontaneous, curious, and ready for adventures.

Be aware of these 5 mistakes and let your vacation be the one you’ve always dreamt of.

Do you know some other travelers’ mistakes and how to avoid them? Please, comment!



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