20 pieces minimalist spring capsule

Create, Style / Wednesday, April 18th, 2018

In the middle of spring, most of us feel the need in refreshing. Refreshing your home, your wardrobe, deep cleaning, and shopping.
All of these works are so much fun if you are in a good mood.

My favorite is wardrobe cleaning.

Women tend to have a bunch of clothes but love to whine about that they have nothing to wear. I’ll tell you why.
1. You love to wear stylish and super modern pieces of clothes, but next season they are out of fashion. On the one hand, your brain understands that it’s out of style, and most probably you are not gonna wear it. On the other hand, you have spent money on it, and it still looks like new so you keep it for better days.

If you keep those clothes in your wardrobe there are 2 possible sceгnarios. First one, you will keep it in your wardrobe and it will take a place making an illusion that you have a bunch of clothes. But at the same time, they are not matchable. The second one, you will try to match this piece of clothes with something else, which may end up with losing your head but looking weird anyway. So, it’s up to you.

2. You have clothes in your wardrobe that you know you never gonna wear, but you still keep them. There can be many reasons for that: the cloth was a gift of someone, the cloth connects you to one of your precious life moments, this cloth belonged to someone else, and you keep it as a memory. In all of these scenarios, you are not going to wear these clothes for your everyday life. So do you want it to be hanged there? I would recommend you to get rid of it. If it is valuable for you, then put it in a special memory box, and away from your eyes.

3. You have so many clothes but you can’t plan your total look. So you keep buying pieces which suit for only one other piece of your wardrobe. It is like having 2 different puzzles, that can’t be mixed or transformed. My advice, spend some time on a revision of your clothes. And get rid of the part of it by selling them or donating.

Now you know how a wardrobe can be full yet you may have nothing to wear. Let’s talk about WHAT should be in your wardrobe. I’ve created list of things that to my mind will create a perfect spring capsule.

20 pieces minimalist capsule wardrobe for spring.

 1. Spring weather is unpredictable. It can be rainy, windy, or sunny. You never know. Comfy leather jacket or stylish trench coat will help you to stay warm in spring. More than that, they are extremely matchable with almost all clothes.

2, 3, 4. Basic T-shirts. They are so much comfortable and will match with almost everything in your closet. Grab some t-shirts of your favorite colors. Capsule wardrobe doesn’t have to be only black and white.

5. Grab yourself a pair of perfect jeans. Perfect jeans doesn’t mean that they should be super trendy with gemstones and lace. Perfect jeans, are simply the one that fits you best. In order to be able to match them with everything else, try to choose something classy.

6. I love blouses and shirts. In some situations, they are total lifesavers. Why I chose them for spring? long sleeves will keep you from freezing, and the thin fabric is best when it gets warmer and warmer.

7, 8. I can’t imagine my spring without skirts. After cold and snowy winter, I am so glad to be able to wear all kinds of skirts and enjoy my girly look. Since I have a full-time job, I prefer skirts that look good both in the office and at a casual meeting with friends.

No black colors. Hello! It’s spring outside!


9, 10. A dress is a perfect piece of cloth for spring. First of all, because they are in one piece and the question “How to match?” becomes a little bit easier. Second, modern dresses have so many different styles, that everyone can find something she likes. Check out my favorites for this capsule:

Shirt-dress is so elegant and classy, while a simple solid color dress is suitable for any occasion with correct accessories.

11. Soft fabric blazer is necessary for an unpredictable spring weather. It will protect you from the wind and add some chic to your total look.

12. Trousers. Even if you are not working at the office, you may want to have classic trousers for spring. They are made of softer fabric than jeans, which is better for hot weather. Just pick the style that fits you best: short or long, fitted or loosened. Today you have so many models to chose at shops.


13. Flats. Modern women can’t even imagine their life without flats anymore. They are so comfortable and so beautiful. They can be worn with dresses, skirts, jeans… whatever you want. And of course, you gonna need them in spring.

14. Sneakers. Sportive shoes are necessary for many different situations: jogging, picnic, a walk in the park… I think they should be in a wardrobe of every modern woman, especially when new models are so pretty.

15, 16. Purses. In everyday life, you can’t already imagine yourself without a purse. But the times of boring purses has passed. Try something new this spring! Urban Backpacks are so comfortable and stylish. They suit perfectly for business, casual and sportive looks. The biggest advantage they give is leaving your hands free! The second must-have purse is a crossbody.  Crossbody purse can look casual enough for a day look, and be as stylish and dramatic as an evening clutch.

17. Heels. Almost forgot the most favorite piece of wardrobe. Heels. Even though sometimes they are not so comfortable, but they definitely worth it. It is about the feeling that this kind of shoes give you: you feel beautiful, strong, and powerful. Marylin Monroe used to say: “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world”.  And she knew what she was talking about.

However, modern heels don’t have to be super uncomfortable. Take a look at these ones:

18. Scarves. Spring winds are tricky. You feel the warmth of the sun, but next day the only thing you can feel is a sore throat. In order to avoid that, scarf should find a place in your spring capsule. I like solid color scarves because they are easier to match and they don’t make me look older than I am.

19. Accessories. You might say that accessories are not the most important thing for a capsule wardrobe. I totally disagree. Accessories are the things that actually save the capsule wardrobe. They help to make basic clothes look more interesting and unique.

20. Sunglasses. Protecting your eyes from the sun and preventing wrinkles, that’s what they do. I wouldn’t want to stay without one in spring. Choosing the look is totally individual, but what is more important, that they really protect your eyes.

Spring capsule can consist of only 20 items. And I w

I’ll show you that You can get a really stylish look with them. Try it yourself, add color to your capsule, enjoy the spring!

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