27 inspirational pictures for your perfect autumn style!

Style / Monday, August 6th, 2018

Waiting for autumn…

I love summer. I love almost everything about summer, except for the weather when you feel your makeup melting on your face. You know that feeling. On the other hand, what can be a better time for wearing all of that stunning, weightless skirts and dresses, that most of us can’t afford to wear in other seasons? So let’s enjoy the last month of wonderful weather and get ready for the next season.

Fall 2018 look inspiration

Do you generally get prepared for the next season a month before, a season before? Well, you should be. Who doesn’t want to be the most stylish when the first yellow leaf hits the ground; or hold their pumpkin spice latte wearing a stunning autumn colored total look?

This post is all about the inspiration for autumn.

Let’s get started and find out what famous designers offer us (all of the illustrations are taken from the official Vogue webpage).

I took a quick look at Fall 2018 Ready-To-Wear runway shoots of a few designers and saved the looks that I loved and that I found to be more or less wearable.

#1. Chanel Fall 2018 Ready-to-wear


These warm and cozy outfits. I love the colors, as much as I love that wearing something like this I can directly go to the office. I can’t miss the fact that a dress is cape-shaped. We will see a lot of them in other autumn collections. Saved. 


These coats! Do you see how awesome they are decorated at the shoulders? Their length and the collars shape are perfect for cold November evenings. I like the way how formal they look.

#2. Let’s continue with Alexander McQueen’s Fall Ready-to-wear 2018 collection.


These colors are spectacular. First of all, they are just perfect for autumn outfits. They are so natural: colors of falling leaves. Emerald and burgundy so calming and so deep. Besides, check the shape of the models’ outfit. So feminine and bossy.

Speaking of accessories, I can’t miss the belt. It’s huge, which draw our attention to her waist and makes the outfit look more formal. On the pictures below, you can also find outlined waist-line.

And in the last example, we see the cape. Very similar to Chanel’s look. Capes rock this autumn.


#3. Stella McCartney 2018 Fall Ready-To-Wear

Let’s have a look at Stella McCartney’s collection. I like the color of this burgundy weightless dress. It looks so beautiful with the matching color cross-body bag. Imagine adding to this look a wide belt on the waistline, leather jacket, and black Chelsea boots.

We can’t imagine autumn without cozy sweaters, or warm fluffy oversized dresses, as on the second model. It is all about colors. Deep sky-blue and burgundy accessories – love it!


For many of us, autumn is the time when the office dress-code returns. Look stylish without making your boss is not so hard as it seems. The last model wears gray classic-styled outfit. Long coat and trousers. What I’ve noticed here (and on some other designers’ looks), this season we say “bye-bye” to shortened ankle-length trousers. New trend: Long, wide-leg trousers, covering your high-heeled shoes.

#4. Versace 2018 Fall Ready-To-Wear

Versace collection attracted me with these plaid-printed sweaters, skirts, and coats. In the coming season, plaid is everywhere and in any color you like.

All of the outfits include belts, as we understood it is a hot trend already. Classic belt for day-outfits and wider, outstanding belts for cocktail dresses.

I really like the camel-colored oversized coat in preppy style. Classic never fade.


#5. Christian Dior Pre-Fall 2018

This collection reminds me of the style of the mid-1940’s: dark colors, maximum functional, minimum accessories; vintage-styled purses and shoes. Nevertheless, I think it’s a perfect ready-to-wear (or should I say ready-to-work) total looks: midi skirts, jackets, office-wearable dresses.

What is catching the eye here? For me, they are plaid-printed everything, and pleated skirts. I’m so glad pleated skirts stay with us for a little longer. They look good with almost everything, so easy to match with any shoes and have a feminine look anyways.

What else is interesting here? Capes and coats! Bookmarked!



#6. Michael Kors Fall 2018 Ready-To-Wear

Plaids, plaids, plaids. You already see it yourself. As for me, after looking at all these designer collections, I already want to have one or two plaid-printed items in my wardrobe. My favorite is plaid A-line midi skirt from Michael Kors Fall 2018 Ready-to-Wear collection.


Animal print is extremely trendy this autumn. If you are brave enough to wear a leopard coat, then just go for it! And I will be pretty happy with plaid-printed coat and animal printed shoes.


7. Victoria Beckham fall/winter 2018/2019 preview

From Ready-To-Wear to ready-to-buy. Preview collection has very warm and comforting colors. All I see are pleats, midi skirts, and classic camel-colored coat. Always classic and elegant. (Pictures are taken from here)


So, let’s conclude. What do we learn from browsing autumn collections?

  • Capes are the new trend;
  • Plaid and pleated skirts are our best friends;
  • Wrap a belt around your waist and become street style goddess;
  • Deep sky blue, emerald, burgundy, camel – are the most flattering colors for this autumn;
  • Animal print!
  • Midi length skirt is a win-win.



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