10 habits of strong people

Read / Sunday, February 11th, 2018

When we hear “strong people”  we imagine a person with huge muscles who can bend an iron. Maybe they go to the gym to get stronger, maybe they work as a firefighter. They are not afraid of any obstacles, they climb mountains.  No doubt, it is a picture of a physically strong person, but I want to talk to you about another kind of strong people.

You may not recognize them by just looking at them, but you definitely understand that they are special after spending some time with them.

They attract people.

You want to be like them, you want to follow them.

They are people who are strong from the inside. They are successful (even if they aren’t yet, they definitely will be soon) and they have an aim in their lives that they follow. Have you ever met this kind of people? What secret do they have? How to be like them?

Being a strong person means working on yourself every day. These 10 habits, is my vision of which people can be called “STRONG”.

10 habits of strong people

#1 The first and the most important one is that strong people believe in themselves. This may sound as an easy habit, but it is not always like that. Strong people never give up on themselves. No matter what. Even when the whole world turns against them, they believe in themselves. Even when their best friend/mother/boss/teacher/dog tells them that they are not good enough for something, or they should not try something new, strong people just keep going. In the end, their work will not be useless. Failures only make them stronger.

#2 Strong people are not afraid of fails. We are human beings, making mistakes is in our nature, so as learning from our mistakes. Being a strong person from the inside means to have enough power and will not only to start something but also to face a failure. It is not easy at all. When we fail, we often just give up. However, it is not what we should do. Have you read any interviews of successful people? They often talk about how they failed hundreds of times until they actually achieved something. We should remember those stories every time we feel too upset from the failure to keep going.

#3 Strong people are not afraid of starting over. Life can be unpredictable. Sometimes it tries to break us. We cannot be ready for any scenario but it’s in our hands to stand up. Only strong people can start over from zero and go from broke to glory again. If someone could achieve something once, he can definitely do it again. It is a fact. The only question is our inner strength.

#4 Strong people spread happiness. No, they don’t dress as clowns to make kids laugh. What they do is motivate other people around them. Strong people are not afraid to share their smile and happiness with others. Even after a hard day, giving a smile or a cheering up someone around you is not so hard, but it can change lives.


#5  Strong people forgive. Sometimes we all have moments when someone hurts us. Being strong is finding a courage to forgive. It is always better to look at situations from a different angle and think what made him/her do it, rather than judging and running into conclusions. Everyone deserves a chance.

#6 Strong people are kind. It requires a lot of work on yourself and a special way of thinking to be kind to all people you meet. Consider “strong” as a synonym of “kind”. I can show you a very simple example: A slow cashier at a supermarket is also a person, who deserves a kind word. This may not cost you a thing, but it may make the day for a cashier.

#7 Strong people respect others. This one is very crucial for me. I respect people around me, and I expect people to respect me. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. However, I believe that you can’t be strong and successful if you don’t respect other people’s time, choices, work, or lifestyle.

#8 Strong people are successful. Success can be measured by different terms. You may feel successful having 10,000 readers of your blog per week, or having rescued 100 homeless dogs, or having built a powerful corporation. The only thing that stays common, is that you have worked very hard and followed your passion to achieve it. Only inner strength can bring you to the point when people call you “successful”.

#9 Strong people help others to be successful. Sharing is caring, right? Strong people are glad to share their knowledge and help others to become better, stronger, richer.

#10 Strong people follow their dream. Not doubting your own life choices is a privilege of strong people. Following the passion, working hard, making dreams come true, and never giving up!

Being a strong person from the inside is not a gift, it is a hard work. We all can be strong! If every one of us would adopt at least one habit of a strong person, the world would be a better place.

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